10 Reasons Why YOU SHOULD TRAVEL the World RIGHT NOW!

Tony Glenholmes I have traveled a lot too! I have a kid now and we just take her with us! She’s 2! We’ve just started documenting through my YouTube channel and it’s the best way to look back on experiences! We live in Australia. I’ve done a few videos on traveling with toddlers coz it’s a whole other thing, but so worth it! Keep exploring! ✌️

Since you are so young one major opportunity you could take advantage of is looking into a high school study abroad program. There are a lot of programs to choose from and you can go literally anywhere. The time frames can range from a week or two up to a year. A friend of mine was your age when she spent a year in Sweden on a Rotary change programs and absolutely loved it. In the process she also got the opportunity too see a lot of Europe. Best of luck!!

UnchartedxRelic I thought about taking someone with me but I can’t find anyone who is willing to travel with me on various reasons (money, time, other ambitions). And I am a talkative person and I can imagine that I will meet people on places I want to visit. But if there is no other solution for the booking issue?

Chirpthefrog Just to make it clear I am not a overspoiled kid. I work for my money and I only wanna spend it on travelling because that’s practicly the only thing I wanna do. Last september october and november I went on a exchange from the Netherlands to Latvia! I agree that you see a lot when living in a complete different country with a complete different culture! Thank you so much bc if I handn’t found out about these programs I would really have wanted someone to tell me! It was litraly the best and educational time ever!

ExploreList I thought about it yes but I see this particular as an opportunity to see a part of Europe where I haven’t been. I thought to go with cheap flights from city to city. Only if I can’t find a solution for the booking thing I will definitaly consider voluntary work!

ExploreList I took that as a option but flying with wizzair is suprisingly cheap and as a 16 year old I try to be super safe and I flew on my own several times and flying is quite easy and safe. I heard from a friend who lives in sarajevo that most train connections in the balkan aren’t really safe (her parents won’t let her use those) but the ones that I would consider you pay extra for, extra like if I would take a around Europe interrail ticket.

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